University High School

From Lane Co Oregon

University High School was established in the fall of 1916 in two small rooms in the old Patterson School building. It was organized to give cadet teachers from the University of Oregon experience in classroom work. A. V. French, under the direction of Professor Fred L. Stetson, was principal until 1919. During his administration the school was moved to Oregon Hall on the university campus where it remained until 1921, when it was transferred to its location on Kincaid. In 1919, Professor Harl Douglass took over the directorship and Giles Ruch became principal. Thirteen members graduated in 1921. This was the same year that music and athletics were added to the curriculum. In 1922, Rollin Dickerson became principal for one year, followed by Harold Benjamin, who remained until 1925, when he was succeeded by Ralph U. Moore. Glenn Macomber was director of the training school immediately preceding Paul E. Kambly. For the next 19 years, until ill health forced him to take sabbatical leave in 1944, Mr. Moore directed the activities of University High. Following the retirement of Mr. Moore in 1944, Stanley E. Williamson was principal until he resigned in 1946 to accept a position at Oregon State College. Lloyd F. Milhollen, who replaced him in 1946, served as principal until 1952 when he became director of secondary education of the Eugene Schools. Ray Hendrickson was principle following Mr. Millhollen and served until the merger with Eugene High School in 1953. On the University of Oregon campus, the name of Dr. Paul E. Kambly was associated with University High in his capacity as director of the student teacher program. Teachers at South Eugene and North Eugene who once taught at University High School are Abby Adams, Mildred Williams, Veola Wilmot, William Dedman, Vernon Kerley, John Hale, Agnes Best, Ray Hendrickson, Lottie Lee Lamb, Sevilla Berreman, Lois Sparkman, and of the central administrate staff, Montana Rickards and Dr. Lloyd Millhollen. The Story of University High has come to a close, but memories of classes, activities, and sports participated in remain... [1]

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